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What is Ventuno? - Overview
What is Ventuno? - Overview
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When you want to distribute and monetize videos online, you will have to piece together multiple software solutions and hope for the best. Or you could choose an all-encompassing platform like Ventuno.

What is Ventuno?

Ventuno is a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) platform for video creators to launch, manage & monetize their video streaming service across all devices.

Here is what you can do with Ventuno

  • Upload, organize, and distribute videos in one place

  • Build your endpoints quickly – Websites, mobile apps, CTV apps

  • Have monetization flexibility – SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and Hybrid models

  • Understand your audience with Analytics

  • Scale your video business with user management and marketing tools

Ventuno enables you to upload, manage, and deliver videos – all in one place


  1. Fast Upload – Best suited for videos smaller than 1 GB. Just log in to your Ventuno dashboard and upload them in a few clicks.

  2. FTP Upload – Have videos on your computer larger than 1 GB? Upload them through FTP as it’s much faster for larger files.

  3. MRRS Upload – Have videos in another CDN? No worries. Import them with your MRSS feed


Channels: This is an option best suited for broadcasters. You can have multiple channels targeting different audiences based on category (News, Entertainment, Sports..), language (English, Spanish..), Region (US, Canada, Mexico..)

Shows: A show could be anything – series, reality tv, documentaries, award shows, etc.

Seasons: Its means a collection of episodes (individual videos) that are part of a show

Videos: Every individual piece of video content

🥁A channel could be a collection of multiple shows. And you can manage multiple channels from your Ventuno Dashboard

Furthermore, You can organize your videos into playlists

Video Recommendations

Related videos get recommended to viewers. The information about the video (keywords, title, show name) plays a very important role here.

Filling in video metadata not only enables you to rank on search engines but also helps in recommending the right videos for your audience

The deeper your metadata – the easier for your viewers to find what they are looking for if not something better.

  • Video Descriptions: Your viewers will be able to understand the content (and context) of your video with the help of a good video description. Also, a well-optimized description can help your video rank higher in search engines.

  • Language: Fill in video language. This helps viewers to select a video in the language they want.

    For example, you may add videos originally made in one language and also add the dubbed versions. By filling in the language you can enable your viewers to select based on their language preference

  • Tags: Tags are words and phrases that give searches context about your video.

    💡 Pro tip: Add highly relevant video tags to make it easier for viewers to look for what they want. Remember to order them based on their weightage. The first one being the most important and the last one being the least

  • Content Classification: letting your users know if this content is for adults or can be watched universally makes them decide if they can watch it with a younger audience around.

    Your viewers would find this helpful if they are streaming your content on a CTV during family movie time

  • Video Type and Settings: You can enable your viewers to download a video or can restrict downloading.
    You can also add trailers to promote your videos on social media pages.

  • Movie: When you add a movie, filling in details like genre and cast and crew could be a great way to help your viewers identify similar content

    • Genre: Add the movie genre to let your viewers browse by their mood

    • Cast and Crew: Adding cast and crew information will let your viewers discover other works of an artist. This will be a great value add for fans and followers of an artist.

Streaming Award Festivals: When you are streaming an award festival, the metadata plays a very important role.

If you want to make your content available only in some locations or if you want to block users of a certain location -- geo-targeting comes in handy.

This feature can be of great use when

  • Your distribution rights do not allow you to distribute content in a particular location

  • Your distribution rights allow you to distribute content only in a particular location

For your viewers to enjoy your videos without any buffering issues, it has to be compressed. But compression can reduce quality. Would you trade off video quality for reducing friction? Well..that isn’t a good idea.

So what’s the solution? It is adaptive bitrate streaming.

You have complete flexibility to select the profiles you want to encode your videos in 360p, 720p, 1080p, etc on the Ventuno platform.

You need to configure these settings before uploading a video. You can create multiple profiles with different options - video type (HLS or MP4), video and audio bitrates, and audio type (2.1 or 5.1)

💡 Check out our bandwidth calculator to understand the bandwidth consumption of your encoding requirements

Watermarks are added to a video when they are encoded. Watermarks, could help you with branding and also protects your video from piracy

Global and Local sweeps- Language support

While subtitles make your content global, your website when localized with the local language can cement your position in the locale

Stream live events & linear 24x7 live streams across your website, mobile apps, and TV apps.

Launch your video website, mobile apps, and connected TV apps without any coding.

Your website acts as a base for your OTT service as it brings in brand awareness and improves your organic reach

An android app will help you take your content to millions of audiences globally.

💡 Adding static pages such as About Us and Privacy Policy can improve the trustworthiness of your brand

Monetize your videos in all possible ways - ads, subscriptions, transactions, rentals, or a combination of these models. You keep 100% of your revenue!


A simple and easy use ad platform, with powerful capabilities that help monetize your live and VOD content with both video and display ads for your streaming service.

Display ads are placed on your website and app, outside the video players. Integrate your Google ad account to place display ads

Video Ads can be deployed with multiple campaigns with priorities at both ad and campaign levels. The ads can be hosted internally or can be integrated with other ad servers


Let users enjoy as much content as they want for a fixed subscription fee. You can create multiple plans. A subscription plan with and without ads and different plans for different geo or any other categorization you want.

Here is how to create an SVOD plan


Monetize individual videos and shows or bundle them up together. Get paid for every view/purchase

Create TVOD plans with these simple steps

💡 Coupons and Gift cards are a great way to earn customer loyalty. Moreover, gift cards could also help with acquiring new users

Hybrid monetization

Combine monetization models to maximize your profit and user retention.

Get a complete overview of your entire video business -- view analytics on video engagement, revenue, purchases, users, watch time, and much more.

Unified View is like a dashboard for your user performance analytics. At a glance, you can understand the views, minutes spent on your content, ad views, number of new registrations and subscriptions, and transactions. You can drill through each of these metrics and slice them at various levels like geo, date, devices to understand your video performance at a granular level

Your viewers are your best critics. The reports under the content section of analytics help you understand what your viewers think of your video.

User Reports

Keep a tab on user acquisition and user engagement

Analyze and track revenue from ads, subscriptions, and transactions across all your devices on a single page. Drill down by location, device, date, and category to get detailed insights into your revenue generation.

User Management

Attracting, acquiring, and retaining subscribers to your OTT service is the key to the success of your video business

If you already have a list of subscribers, either from a third-party platform or by other registration methods, you can simply make them your subscribers by importing their details.

Spammers find their way everywhere. They may make spammy comments on your platform or there can be some users who keep on creating new email addresses to enjoy endless free trials. You can revoke access to such users to handle the situation.

💡 You can also whitelist certain IPs to make sure your team members can access your content despite they being in a location geo-blocked for other users

Communicate with your users

Ask your users for feedback. User feedback can help you overcome your weaknesses and improve on your strengths.

Reach out to your users with in-app messages and push notifications.

You can always sell your merchandise to your viewers through your OTT app/ website.

For example, you have a yoga streaming app. Your viewers may be interested in your yoga mat. You can always sell them on your website/apps.

💡 Apart from adding to your revenue, this is a great way to boost your brand value.

There can be multiple instructors creating course content, and each of them can have a profile with an introduction video and contact information.

Profile Management

Partnering with multiple content creators can add great value to your content library. You can add profiles and grant them certain accesses to make your job simple.

Integrate all the necessary tools you need to run your video business

  • Google Analytics

  • Adsense and Adx

  • Social Media Profiles

  • Webmaster

  • Payment Gateways

  • Email Automation Tools

  • Any other code-based integration tool (eg: Consent management tools, bots, etc)

You can reach our support team through the chatbot, or the support option on your left menu. You can also reach out to your account manager through phone calls or email. Our team is always happy to help you.


Contact Support at the bottom of the left menu

Email our team

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