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Have you always wished to read your viewer's thoughts on your service? It would be great to know who likes your content and who doesn't. It is important to know which factor of your service is converting viewers into subscribers. Also, understanding the reasons a subscriber is leaving your platform is crucial in making better decisions.

By understanding the preferences of your users, you can gain more subscribers through registration.

1. Under Analytics Select User → Registration Summary from the Left Menu.

2. This will show the Registration Summary Report.

3. You can filter the results based on Users or Endpoints

4. You can also view the Registration Summary from the Unified View

5. Select Analytics and then Unified View

6. The Unified View Report will show up.

7. The Registration section in the report will lead to the Registration Summary.

Pro tip: All the reports can be exported to Excel. You can find a lot more with some filters and lookups.


Say you introduced a new show to your library (and used some marketing strategies to promote it) and are eager to discover if it worked as planned.

Open Unified View, and apply the filters

Date: Select a relevant date range from the dropdown or pick a particular date from the Custom option

Now, you can also drill down to the Registration Summary from the unified View reports.

Click here to learn more about the unified view reports.

Export Report to Excel using the Download as Excel option.

This will give you an idea of how a show brings in new subscribers to your service.

You can download the reports for various date ranges and analyze the growth when you introduce new shows or movies.

Comparing the registration report with the Export subscription reports helps you to understand your users and scale your business.

What’s next?

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