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How to Download Reports?
How to Download Reports?
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Analytics are crucial for your streaming service because they provide valuable insights into viewer behavior. They help you understand what content is popular, when viewers are watching, and how they're engaging with your platform.

Downloading reports allows you to easily track and analyze this data, empowering you to make informed decisions to optimize your content and user experience. It's like having a roadmap to guide your streaming service toward success.

  • The Analytics Section of the left menu has a list of reports that help you understand your streaming business

    • Unified View - This section provides a comprehensive overview of your streaming service's performance, bringing together various metrics and insights into a single dashboard.

    • Content - This section focuses on the performance of the content available on your streaming service.

      • Video Views - This report is about the number of views each video receives. It helps gauge the popularity and engagement level of different content offerings

      • Video Wise Summary - This summary provides a detailed breakdown of key metrics for each video, such as views, watch time. It offers insights into which videos are resonating most with viewers and driving engagement

      • Content Partner - This section focuses on the performance of content partners or creators who contribute content to your platform.

    • User - The User section provides insights into user registration details, engagement metrics, and demographics, offering a comprehensive view of the platform's audience.

      • Registration Summary - The Registration Summary covers essential data on user registrations, including registration dates, trial periods, and demographics, aiding in understanding user acquisition trends and trial-to-subscription conversion rates.

      • OTT User Report - The OTT User Reports segment offers a detailed breakdown of user activity, distinguishing between registered and non-registered users, and providing metrics such as views and minutes watched for analysis.

    • Monetization - The Monetization section provides a comprehensive overview of the various revenue streams of your streaming service

      • AVOD Summary - The AVOD Summary offers insights into the performance of advertising-based monetization, including metrics such as ad impressions, click-through rates, and revenue generated from ad placements.

      • SVOD Summary - The SVOD Summary presents an overview of subscription-based monetization, highlighting key metrics such as subscriber growth, churn rates, and revenue generated from subscription fees

      • TVOD Summary - The TVOD Summary provides a snapshot of transactional-based monetization, showcasing metrics such as the number of rentals or purchases, revenue from individual transactions

      • Export Subscription - This data can be valuable for customer relationship management, financial reporting, and targeted marketing efforts, providing insights into subscriber demographics, subscription plans, and billing cycles.

    • Bandwidth Summary - This report provides a concise overview of bandwidth usage and content distribution metrics for you to understand your usage of resources

    • Encoding Summary - This report shows an overview of encoding activities, including the number of videos uploaded, total video duration, encoded videos, and the collective size of converted videos. This helps you understand your encoding usage.

How to Download the Reports?

  • To download any of the above reports, first click on the report name from the left menu and open it

  • Then on the right pane, you will see filters such as date filters and other applicable filters to the report

  • Below the filters you will see an Download as Excel button, click on it to download the report as a Excel sheet

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