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User-Specific Content - Displaying

How to showcase Exclusive Content for subscribed or registered users only?

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Once a piece of content is created, creators often ask themselves "How do I present it to my audience?" Do I just give it all away or should we request the viewer's information in exchange for the content?

Streaming companies can play with the human desire to access content that is not available to everyone

It is well known that gates are powerful tools for lead generation. But, gating your content isn't always the best strategy for maximizing viewership.

However, Give it a shot.. gate educative content or content that can make your audience curious...

Gating a video

  • From the video library, select the Manage Video option to the right of the required video.

  • Head to the Video Subscription field, here select to who you want the video to be available.

    • AVOD - video will be available for everyone provided they sit through ads

    • Registered - videos will be available only to users who have registered themselves (πŸ’‘best suited for lead generation)

    • SVOD - Available only for subscribed users

    • AVOD -SD + SVOD - HD - Video will be available to everyone in lower definition. But to watch the content in high definition the user has to be subscribed.

    • TVOD - Available for individual purchase (similar to pay and watch).

    • SVOD + TVOD - Content is available for subscribers, but non-subscribers can pay and watch the individual piece of content.

  • The same can be done at the show level as well. (Later on this article)

Showcasing Gated Content

  • Then create a horizontal listing showcasing the content that you are gating to generate leads

  • While creating the horizontal listing, make sure you enable the User Specific Content option

By enabling this, you can make sure the content is showcased only to users who are in the same status as the Subscription status set for the video or show.

In the below screencapture, you will see the content becomes unavailable when the user is not signed in

Gating Content at Show Level

For a new show:

Create a new show and remember to mark the subscription type as "registered." Also, ensure that the videos you add to the show have their subscription marked as "registered" as well.

Show subscription:

Show Subscription

Video subscription:

Video Subscription

For the existing show:

  1. Select the desired show on the platform and set its subscription as "registered."

    • To do this for shows: Go to Organize β†’ Manage shows β†’ Edit show β†’ Show subscription β†’ Change the subscription to "Registered" β†’ Save.

    • To do this for videos: Go to Organize β†’ Video Library β†’ Manage video β†’ Video subscription β†’ Change the subscription to "Registered" β†’ Save.

  2. After completing both steps above, please allow some time for the changes to reflect on the website and apps. It may take up to 1 hour for the subscription-related changes to be visible for the videos on the website and apps.

  3. Double-check that the videos and shows are not mapped to any SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) subscription plans in the Monetization section. If they are, please remove them from the mapped plans.

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