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At the video library, we can see all the uploaded videos/videos which is streaming live / videos which are scheduled. Under the Content section of the left menu bar select Upload > Organize > Video Library

By selecting Manage Video, you can view the video poster and complete video information.

In Basic details, you can mention,

  1. Title - Title of your Video

  2. Description - Describe the video about

  3. Language - Choose your preferable language

  4. Tags - Tag something which is related to your video (Tags will optimize the search engine)

  5. Video shows - Define the relevant show name

  6. Classification - Universal/Adult

  7. Status - Whether it is Active or not

8. Publish date - Video to be published on (date and time)

9. Affiliate Partner - Tag your content partner

10. Video thumb - Choose your thumbnail according to your video.

Click here to learn more about uploading video thumbs.

In Video Grouping, you can choose more than one playlist where your video to be grouped.

In Geo-Targeting, you can target your videos based on Geos.

In Movie Details, you can provide the below details which will be helpful for the viewers to get to know the details of the movie.

  1. Actor,Actress,Comedian - Mention the names

  2. Director,Music Director - Mention the names

  3. Movie Ratings - Select ratings from 0.5 to 5

  4. Genre - Genre of your Movie

  5. Movie Release Date - Mention the date

  6. Is Movie - True/False

7. Movie Reference - Your reference can be anything like Sports etc

8. Singer - Mention singer name

9. Production Banner - Mention the production team of your movie

10. Sub-titlist - Provide the subtitle details if you have.

By selecting Save Changes, you can save the details.

By selecting Go to Video Library, you can go back to the Video Library page.

Other than Manage video, here we have a few more tabs which will be helpful to the users.

By selecting Get code, you will get the embedded, thumbnail, and poster code with Player and Layouts.

You can choose the Player and Layouts according to the video which you are going to post.

By selecting Playlist, You can group videos with different categories and shows in a playlist.

By selecting +Add Social, you can be able to share the video on YouTube/Facebook/Twitter.

By selecting Subtitle, you can insert the subtitle file here and can choose the language.

Select Submit once you insert the subtitle file.

By selecting Seekbar Thumb, you can upload the VTT file and VTT thumb.

You can Filter Videos by using the different kind of categories which is given below:


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