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Uploading video thumb and posters

adding video posters

Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

Uploading high-quality thumb and posters for the videos and movies helps to showcase the quality of the content you have on your website and apps.

We are using thumbnails of various aspect ratios to differentiate the contents across all the endpoints. For example, we are using:

Aspect Ratio

Maximum Resolution

How it can be used?



This is ideal for movie listings



Ideal for show listings on mobiles and tabs



Ideal for listing linear live channels or categories



Ideal for episode posters and movie posters



Ideal fo carousels and preview panes

For every video, you need to upload 16x9, 3x4, and 1x1 thumbnails and it will be adopted across all the apps.

Please follow the steps to upload the thumbnail and poster for the content.

For existing videos (videos that are already uploaded):

1. From the left menu, select Manage contentVideo Library.

2. Select Manage video next to the video you want to upload the thumbnail and poster.

3. You have two options here:

  • Generate poster: This feature allows you to generate a thumb automatically based on any one of the frames from the video itself. This will be useful if you don't have any separate posters for the video. Click Generate Poster and the poster will be automatically generated.

  • Choose poster: This feature allows you to select a poster that you have created or received from your content provider. Select Choose poster option and select the poster you want to have for the video from your local storage.

4. After uploading the poster, scroll down to the bottom where you can see the Video thumb option.

5. You can see five options there. You can find the recommended dimensions for each of the ratios below. (Mostly four will be available. 32X9 will be available only for carousel images for C-TV apps. This will be enabled based on your requirement).

i) 32X9- 1920x540

ii) 16X9- 2560x1440

iii) 4X3- 1600x1200

iv) 3X4- 1200x1600

V) 1X1- 1080x1080

6. You can select and upload the thumbnails you would like to have for your content from your local storage.

7. We prefer you to upload at least 16x9 and 3x4 images for all the videos you are uploading so that it will be useful to display them across the apps.

8. After uploading the thumbnails, please select Save changes.

9. You can see a message your thumbnail upload is in progress and after 15-20 mins your uploaded thumbnail will be available on the website and apps.

10. You can also change/update your thumbnail using the same steps mentioned above.

While uploading a video:

You can also upload the poster and thumbnails while uploading the videos on the ventuno platform.

1. After uploading the video there is an option to upload a poster. You can upload a 16x9 poster from your local storage and click Proceed.

After uploading the thumb, select Save changes to complete the thumb uploading process.

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