When you have a lot of shows, it might become cumbersome to showcase all of them on your website and apps. To simplify this, you can add another layer by grouping your shows into channels.

On your website and apps, users will see a list of channels you have created. They can click on a channel to see a list of shows under that channel. Next, they can click on a show to see a list of videos under that show.

Here is the categorization in Ventuno:

Channel (optional) > Category > Show > Video

Creating channels is not mandatory in Ventuno. Create them only when you want to add another layer on top of your shows.

Steps to create a channel:

1. From the Content section of the left menu, select Organize > Manage Channel and click Create New Channel on the top right corner.

2. Enter the Name of the channel and the Description.

3. The default Channel Status is Active. You can change it to Inactive to disable the channel.

4. Select the aspect ratio for the Channel Poster. There are 4 options: 16:9, 3:4, 4:3, and 1:1.

5. Upload your channel poster.

6. If you want to restrict this channel in some countries, you can choose those countries under Geo-Targeting.

7. Click Submit to create the channel.

8. If you want to edit any details, click the Edit button which is to the right of the show.


After a channel is created, you can assign shows to it. To assign a show to a channel,

1. Go to Organize > Manage Shows.

2. Select Edit Show

Show channel and select the required channel you want to assign to your show under Show Channel.

3. Finally, click Save to assign a channel to a show.

Now, all the videos under that show are also assigned to the channel.

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