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How to add a Linear 24 x 7 with EPG
How to add a Linear 24 x 7 with EPG
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

In this article, we can show you how to add a Linear 24 x 7 with EPG using your feed or Ventuno’s feed/content.

You can schedule 24x7 linear live using the streaming URL and EPG in TV XML format you have either for livestream or for fast channels or you can use our sample feed and content for doing the same.

Below are the steps for adding a livestream and EPG (TV-XML or from scratch) and making it available on the live page.

Linear 24 x 7 with EPG using your feed:

To schedule a Linear live stream, you must have a stream URL. It can be in two formats

  • HLS stream

  • RTMP stream

HLS stream and EPG:

If you have an HLS stream, you can start adding the stream URL on the go on the platform under the Livestream section.

Click here to learn more about adding your HLS stream as linear live. Please note that you can provide multiple bitrates for users using the HLS stream.

Once the above is done, you must add the EPG to your added livestream on the platform. It can be in

  • TV XML format

  • Creating your EPG on the platform.

We support EPG only in TV XML format or you can add your EPG on the platform from scratch as well. Click here to learn more about adding EPG.

RTMP stream with EPG:

If you are planning to use an RTMP stream for your livestream, we need to set up RTMP to HLS conversion servers before adding the livestream in HLS format on the platform. Once the conversion is done and the HLS stream is ready, You can follow the same steps above for adding the livestream and EPG.

Linear 24 x 7 with EPG using ventuno feed/content:

If you don’t have a feed, you can check the live stream using a theme with the live page(Theme names) which will have one or two live streams running using the default content. If you wish, you can create a cloud playout using the default content and add it as a livestream for checking the livestream flow.

You can click here to learn more about adding cloud playout(using default content added on the platform) as a linear live stream.

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