Electronic programming guide (EPG) display the scheduling information for the current and upcoming broadcast program on your website and apps.

To input Livestream EPG we have two options:


1. Insert the EPG feed you already have (XML-TV EPG).

2. Select > Livestream > Manage EPG (feed) > Create.

3. This will take you to a Manage channel EPG page.

4. Select the channel and paste the EPG URL.

5. Select Submit.


1. To create EPG from scratch

2. Select > Livestream> Add EPG.

3. Select > channel.

4. Select Program type > Media/Advertisement/Promo from the drop-down list.

5. Select the Video.

6. Enter the Program name.

7. For Program Date, you can add multiple numbers of days.

8. You need to select Program Starting Time. The Program End Time will automatically set based on the duration of the video uploaded.

9. Select Submit and repeat the same process to add EPG for all the programs you wish to create.

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