1. Under the left menu select ‘Manage content’→ ‘Upload Livestream/Event’.

  2. Select ‘Live Event’.

  3. Enter your ‘HLS Event URL’.

  4. You can create a Poster using a file (.jpg, .gif, .png file) or use ‘Text’ as a poster.

5. Select your Domain name.

6. Choose your ‘Category’ in the dropdown menu.

7. Select ‘Show’ in the existing shows or you can add a new one using ‘Add New Show’ .

8. Enter your ‘Live Event Name’ and Description of the Event.

9. Schedule your Event date and time for the future video visibility else it will be visible from the date you are uploading the video .

10. Select ‘Action’ and also choose the status ‘Active’ or ‘inactive’.

11. Add tags for the Event under ‘Video tags’ and Select the Language of the Event.

13. You can also Geo-block your Event under ‘Geo-Targeting’.

14. Finally, Select ‘Save Changes’ to create a Live event.

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