Managing Live Events
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Creating Live Events

  • From the Content section of the left menu select Livestream and then Upload Livestream/Event.

  • Select Live Event under Live stream type.

  • Enter your HLS Event URL.

  • You can create a Poster using a file (.jpg, .gif, .png file) or use Text as a poster.

  • Select Show from the drop-down or you can add a new one using Add New Show. Click here to learn more about creating shows.

  • Enter your ‘Live Event Name’ and Description of the Event.

  • Schedule your Event date and time for future video visibility (by default, current date and time is start date and time)

  • Add tags for the Event under Video tags and Select the Language of the Event.

  • You can also Geo-block your Event under Geo-Targeting.

  • Finally, Select Save Changes to create a Live event.

How to view/edit created event

  • Once an event is created, it will be available in the video library under the Live Video tab.

  • Here, you will see Manage Video option to the right of your video. Click on it and modify details.

  • Once your event has ended, click on the Modify video option, scroll down to the status field, and mark it as inactive. This is will prevent showcasing inactive events on your website and apps
    ​If the video is not made Inactive, it will disappear 24 hours from its created time

Showcasing on Website and Apps on Home Page/Other Pages

  • Make sure you approve the show and playlist to appear in respective endpoints in the Content tab.

  • If your live videos are all in same show, showcase them using a show, else group them in a playlist

  • Create a horizontal listing and display the videos (live videos) in the show/playlist explained in previous step

    Note: If there are no active videos, the widget will not be displayed.

By default, the live events will be available on the Events page. Make sure you have approved the mapped show in the Content Tab

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