Every page is built of multiple components. These components together form a page template. Horizontal listing is one such component that is used to display videos.

When you want to display different types of content, each in a single row, a horizontal listing can be used.

What is Horizontal Listing?

Listing videos one after another in a horizontal fashion.

How to Create a Horizontal Listing

  • From the Endpoints section of the left menu, Select Responsive website → Website(beta).

  • Head to Pages tab
    You will be taken to the website customization page.

  • Select Add page on the right of the screen. (skip this step if you want to add this section to an existing page) and hit the Save button.

  • Under the newly created page (/ existing page) , Select Add section.

  • From the drop-down select the Horizontal Listing option

  • Customize your horizontal listing by selecting details and filling in necessary fields

💡Tip: The Number of Videos field lets you limit the number of videos displayed in the horizontal listing. The other selected videos will show up in the load more.

This ensures that the page load time is low.

  • Hit the Save button

The changes will reflect on your website.

If you have not already built your website,

You can build your website and see how it looks. (head to the Build Website tab)

Here is how mine looks.

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