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How to list seasons as a horizontal listing and also as a separate tab in header

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What are Shows, Seasons, and Episodes?

  • A show is a series of related videos that are presented in a specific order and usually have a common theme.

  • A season is a collection of videos that spans a specific time period. Seasons can be one or multiple for each series.

  • An episode is a single video.

By showcasing your shows/seasons as horizontal listings your viewers can

  • access content easily -- therefore spend more time watching content

  • understand the value of your content library --therefore stay subscribed

How to Showcase Seasons as a website header?

  • From the Endpoints section of the left menu, select Responsive Website > Website

  • Head to the Pages Tab

Create a page for the show and then create a horizontal listing

  • Click on the Add page icon and type in a name for the page then hit the Save button

  • Click on the Add section button and from the dropdown select Horizontal Listing, select the layout for the listings.

  • Finally, select the content to be displayed

  • In this case,

    • the Content Group is Show

    • And a show (Cooking) is selected from the Content dropdown.

⚠️ Note: A show should be created before executing this step.
(in this case - A show named cooking was already created)

  • Hit the Save button

This is how it would appear

💡 Pro tip: Seasons can be listed similarly by adding the episodes in a season to a playlist and selecting the Content Group as Playlist

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