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Content Management Overview
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Let's understand how to organize your content and make the best use of Ventuno CMS

What is a video?

Your content's building blocks, range from short clips to full-length movies. These are the captivating experiences that keep your viewers engaged.

Your videos can be

  • trailers

  • movies

  • episodes

What you should know

What is a show?

A collection of related videos that offer a thematic viewing experience. It's a powerful tool for organizing content cohesively.

Your shows may or may not contain seasons

What are seasons?

Grouping videos within a show, season allows you to organize content chronologically as episodes

What you should know

What are playlists?

A customized collection of videos designed to cater to specific viewer preferences. Playlists enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

What is metadata?

Metadata holds crucial information about each video, show, or playlist – from titles and descriptions to tags and categories. This data works behind the scenes to make your content easily searchable and well-organized.

  • Thumbnail and Posters: Visual assets that represent your content. Thumbnails and posters entice viewers and improve content visibility.

  • Subtitles: Textual translations of spoken content, making your videos accessible to a wider audience

  • Cast and Crew information: Add information about the people who were part of making your content.

What you should know

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