With the addition of video information, your viewers will be able to access information about the people who were part of the video in the name of the cast and crew.

This piece of information lets your viewers discover other shows or movies the actors have been in, which they would have not done otherwise.

Now let's get into how to map cast and crew members to your videos

Adding cast and crew profiles

To map cast and crew members to a video, you need to create a profile for them.

  • From the Content section of the left menu, select Organize > Manage Cast and Crew

  • Click on the Create button to add a new member

  • Fill in the details of the member, such as name, description, role, poster (image), links for social profiles, staus (active and inactive)
    While only the fields -- name, role, and status are mandatory, uploading a poster could give a better user experience.

  • Click on the Submit button, to save the profile

You will see the created profile added to your list and the message 'Cast and Crew details have been successfully added.'

Editing a profile

You may want to update a profile by changing its description or modifying its role. To modify the details of a profile, you will have to

  • From the Content section of the left menu, select Cast and Crew.

  • From the Action column, select the Edit option.

  • Edit the values of fields to be modified.

  • Click on the Submit button, to save changes.

Mapping profiles to videos

Mapping the profiles to the videos is the last and final step of the process.

This can be done

  1. while uploading a video

  2. after video upload


  • After Uploading: From the video library, select Manage Video, and scroll down to the Movie Details section

  • You will find fields like -- actor, actress, director, comedian, etc. You can map the profiles by typing in the name of the person.
    The names of the created profiles will appear in the dropdown.

💡 Pro tip: If you have not created a profile, you can simply type in the name and press Enter on your keyboard. The profile will be created on the cast and crew page, you can edit it later.

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