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Since the onset of the Covid pandemic, an increasing number of film creators have chosen to broadcast movies on OTT platforms, gaining acceptance among consumers globally.

Several new Over The Top (OTT) services arose as a result of the circumstance. To be a clear leader in the OTT space, you need to keep adding movies that your user would love to watch.

Uploading a movie:

  • Uploading a movie is similar to uploading any other video.

Here are the different ways to upload a video to the Ventuno platform

  • Once the video is uploaded, you will have to add metadata.

At this stage, you can head to the Movie Details section and mark the Is Movie field as Yes

Now your video will be considered as a movie.

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Taking your movies to your audience's screens

It is no secret that 'content is king' but taking the content in front of your audience is even more important.

  • Adding a movies page on your website

A responsive website is the core of an OTT service. While creating the website pages you can choose different layouts to showcase your movie detail page.

You can also decide upon how to showcase related movies - list or accordion

You can add a movie page not only on your website but also to your apps.

⚠️ Note: The movie page is a default page for your website, but for other apps, you can create your movie page and also customize them as well.

  • Enabling users to define a watchlist

Enabling your viewers to create their watchlist allows them to keep track of shows that they watch regularly, or resume watching movies.

✨ Did you know that Users who have three or more videos/shows on their watchlist are less likely to discontinue a subscription after their free trial. This is because they know they always have new stuff lined up to watch

This way you can improve user experience and reduce churn.

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