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learn about the different ways to upload videos to your Ventuno account

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You can upload videos on the Ventuno Platform based on the size and storage of your content. The content you are having will fall under any one of the following categories:

1. You have a lot of content in your local storage or local disk.

2. You have a lot of videos in external/cloud storage such as AWS.

3. You have a lot of mp4 content on your local/external storage and want to upload them in bulk.

Whenever you upload short videos like comedy clips, songs, or news clips, the method best suits your needs.

We recommend uploading videos less than 2GB in size. If you have large-sized video files, we recommend using the other uploading options available on our platform.

Click here to learn more about uploading videos from your local storage.

When you have many videos of larger sizes, this method of video uploading suits you. Using external hosting you can process the videos that are stored in cloud storage. The video will be processed on the platform and pushed to the endpoints by just entering the cloud file path.

The Ventuno platform can be used to encode videos, or you can upload the encoded video path, and we can push it to the endpoints via the Ventuno platform.

Using this method, you can only upload one video at a time, and you cannot upload multiple videos at once. Each video URL must be entered manually on the platform.

If you are having a lot of mp4 videos and you want to upload them in bulk on the platform, then you can use the FTP option.

This will be done using FTP software like Filezilla.

The videos will be uploaded one by one without any interruptions. Once the videos are uploaded you can add the meta-data such as Actor, Director, Genre, etc, on the platform under the Video library. Click here to learn how to add meta-data to your videos.

4. Apart from these three methods, you can upload the videos to cloud storage such as AWS, and pull the videos to the Ventuno platform using XML.

When you make a bulk upload, then this method suits you well. You have to create an AWS account or share the existing account details with us. We will map the account with our platform for uploading videos.

Once mapped, you can upload the XML file in the format we have shared with you. Using this method you can process more than one video at a time. You need to provide the required details in the XML and the videos will be automatically pulled into the video library once the encoding is completed.

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