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How to upload multiple videos in a go

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After creating your account, it's time to upload content. There are multiple ways to upload content to your video library. In this article, we will learn how to upload multiple videos from your file system.

With Bulk Upload, you can upload multiple videos, pin the tab, and go about doing your other work. It helps you multitask and save time.

Moreover, when you are ingesting a show or a series of videos, this feature can be helpful. You can upload them together and schedule them at periodic intervals

Here is how to do it

  • From the Content section of the left menu, select Upload > Bulk Upload

  • Drag and drop video files from your file system
    Click on the Choose Files button to open the File Browser and select your video files

  • You will see the selected videos under the Files Added section, If you notice that you have selected an incorrect video by mistake you can remove it by clicking on the red ⨂ button

  • Finally, click on the Upload Files button.

You can track the upload progress (which will give you a rough estimate on when to return to this tab)

Your videos will now be uploaded to the library (post encoding, which may take a few minutes) in in-active mode.

❓ 🙋 Why are my videos uploaded in in-active mode?

We do this to make sure you fill in the metadata before making the video available to millions on the web. The right metadata can make your video stand out in search engines and can help you acquire more viewers. Moreover, it also helps in keeping your existing audience engaged.

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