How to enter metadata for videos

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Metadata is the collection of information about the movie or video. It consists of the names of the Actor, Actress, Director, Music Director, etc. Follow the instructions below to add metadata for the movie or video uploaded.

You have two options to enter the metadata of the video,

  1. While uploading the video.

  2. After the video was uploaded.


  1. While uploading the video, under Movie Details section you can enter the metadata for the movie or video.

    Enter details of Actor, Actress, Director, Music Director, etc, and finally click Save to complete the process.


You can enter the metadata after uploading the video or if you want to edit the metadata already entered, follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Under ‘Manage Content’→ ‘Video library’ click ‘Manage Video’.

  2. Under ‘Movie Details’ enter the details you want or Edit the already existing details if required.

3. Once you select ‘Manage video’, the below screen will appear.

4. Enter ‘Movie Ratings’, ‘Genre’, ‘Movie release date’, Singer’, ‘Production Banner’ for the video/movie in Movie Details.

5. Finally, click Save to complete the process.

💡 Pro tip: You can create profiles for the cast and crew members of your videos and tag the information, to create a great viewing experience

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