Shows are an integral part of Ventuno and are used to organize a similar set of videos. For example, you can create a show called “Comedy clips” and add all your comedy videos under this show.

You can then showcase all videos in this show on your website and apps in a single horizontal row. Some other examples of shows can be “Action movies”, “Game of Thrones”, etc.

To create a show, follow the instructions given below:

1. From the left menu, Select Manage content > Manage shows > Create New Show.

2. Enter Show name, Show Description, and choose a Category for your Show.

3. You can add Posters for your Show under Show Poster. The maximum dimensions for posters are:

-- 16:9 - 2560x1440.

-- 4:3 - 800x600

-- 3:4 - 640x853

-- 1:1 - 1080x1080

4. Choose how you want to monetize the show under Show subscription. You have 3 options - AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD.

If you have already chosen the monetization model here, you don’t need to choose it for individual videos. All videos under a particular show will be monetized with the option that you choose here (Only for SVOD).

5. You can also add your YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts under Social mapping. This will let you syndicate videos to these social media accounts from Ventuno.

6. If you want to restrict the videos under the show in some countries, you can choose those countries under Geo-Targeting.

7. Select Save to create the show. A show will be created with a Show ID.

After creating a show, add videos to it:

a) While Uploading a Video.

b) From the Video Library.

To add videos from Video Library,

1. Under the left menu, select Manage Content > Video Library.

2. Choose the Video you want to add to the show and Select Manage video. Scroll down to Video Show, Select a Show from the drop-down menu and add that show.

3. Select Save changes to add the video to the Show.

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