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Create hybrid plans for a video (SVOD + TVOD)
Create hybrid plans for a video (SVOD + TVOD)
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

A strategic combination of the different monetization models will help you make more money while providing your viewers the convenience of choice

You can create hybrid plans to monetize the same video in multiple ways.

Why should you do this?

1. Make more money
2. Acquire more viewers
Say your monthly subscription fee is $10.
And you keep adding new exclusive movies to your library (which is part of the SVOD plan)
I want to watch only one of those... Will I pay $10 just to watch a single movie?? Nah!!But what if you rent every movie for $1 or maybe $2.. Hmm.. maybe..I would be buying it!!
Now why don't to tempt me with other such movies by recommending them to me

Now let's see how you can do this

With Ventuno, you can choose the monetization as SVOD + TVOD for a video.

Now, the user can watch the video in 2 ways - they can either rent/ buy the video for a one-time fee (TVOD) or watch it after subscribing to your app (SVOD).

You need to configure this both for individual videos (in the video library) and on the Plans page.

Steps to create a hybrid plan:

From the Video Library:

1. Under the Content section of the left menu, select Organize > Video Library.

2. Select Manage video for the video you want to monetize with both SVOD and TVOD.

3. Scroll down to the Video Subscription select SVOD+TVOD from the dropdown menu.

4. Click Save Changes.

On the plans page:

1. You need to add the video to both an SVOD plan and a TVOD plan to make this work. Hybrid plans will not work if you don’t add the video to both SVOD and TVOD plans separately.

Follow these steps to add a video to an SVOD plan and these to add a video to a TVOD plan.

What’s next:

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