Offer discounts to your customers through coupons. They can add the coupon code while subscribing to your service to avail of the discount.

You can offer 2 types of discounts - fixed discount (eg: $2 off) and percentage discount (eg: 30% off)

If you want to give 100% off (Zero Payment) to your users, please mention the percentage discount as 100. While the user is trying to avail of the 100% coupon in the endpoints (Website & Android app), the user will be charged 0 amount.

Steps for creating a coupon:

1. From the left menu, select Monetization > Coupons > Create New Coupon.

2. Enter the Coupon Name and Coupon Code. This is the code viewers will use to avail the discount (example of coupon code: CHRISTMAS25)

3. Add the coupon Description and Terms and Conditions.

4. Choose the coupon Type (Fixed or Percentage), and enter the Discount.

5. Select the plans that you want to apply to the coupon under Select Plans. You can select multiple plans for a coupon.

6. Add the number of times a user can avail of the coupon under Maximum Usage per User.

7. Add the Expiration Date of the coupon

8. If the coupon is created for specific users or specific countries, map the user IDs under Allowed User Ids and map the countries under Allowed Country Ids

9. Create a coupon on Stripe and add the Stripe coupon ID

10. Select Submit to create the coupon

11. After the coupon is created, you can view the list of all coupons under Monetization > Coupons.

How to keep track of how many times the code has been used:

  1. Under the Left menu, Go to Analytics -> TVOD Summary

2. On the right-hand side, you can enter the duration and hit Filter.

3. Now, you will get the complete user details with the coupon code which the users used on the selected duration.

4. You can check for the 100% coupon code i.e. LETSGETGOING in the Coupon column.

5. The count of the 100% coupon code (LETSGETGOING) is the count of users used.

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