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Coupons for multiple billing cycles
Coupons for multiple billing cycles
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What is a billing cycle?

A billing cycle is a period of time between two consecutive billings for a particular user. For example, if a user is billed on the first of every month, the billing cycle would be from the first of one month to the first of the next month.

What are coupons for multiple billing cycles?

Coupons for multiple billing cycles are a type of discount you can offer to encourage customers to continue using your service for an extended period of time.

For example, you can offer a coupon for 3 months if a user signs up for your new year campaign.

Coupons for multiple billing cycles are the best way to reward loyal customers and encourage them to continue using your service.

How to set up coupons for X cycles?

  • From the Monetization section of the left menu, select Manage Monetization > Coupons > Add Coupon.

  • Enter the Coupon Name and Coupon Code. This is the code viewers will use to avail of the discount (example of coupon code: SAVE3).

  • Add the coupon Description and Terms and Conditions.

  • Select Plan Type as SVOD. Coupon Cycles are applicable only for SVOD plans as they have a periodic billing cycle.

  • Select the plan that you want to apply to the coupon under Select Plans. You can select multiple plans for a coupon.

  • Enter the Maximum Cycling Limit. By default, this is set to 1. You can increase this up to a maximum of 3 cycles.

If you select 2, the user can use the coupon for 2 upcoming billing cycles.

  • Add the number of times a user can avail of the coupon under Maximum Usage per User.

  • Add the Expiration Date of the coupon.
    ⚠️ Note: Expiration Date is for coupon application only, once applied by the user it will be valid for the set billing cycle even if the coupon expires during the cycle.

  • Select Coupon Type as Fixed or Percentage and enter the reduction value.

  • Create a coupon on Stripe and add the Stripe coupon ID.

  • Select Submit to create the coupon.

  • After the coupon is created, you can view the list of all coupons under Coupons > Manage Coupons.

How to set up retention coupons for X cycles?

From the Monetization section of the left menu, select Manage Monetization and then Coupons.

  • Select Manage Retention Coupons.

  • Select the plan and fill in the coupon details.

  • In the Maximum Cycling Limit field, you can enter the cycling limit. This is set to 1 cycle by default.

  • Add the required details.

  • Hit the Submit button.

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