Creating 100% coupons
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What is a 100% coupon?
You can create coupons with a discount percentage of 100. This means that the viewer will not need to pay for your video. They will be given the access to it entirely free of charge.

You can share the coupon code as a reward to your followers on social media -- for some kind of participation, message or email your viewers who have not been around in a while. Once your customers have the code they can redeem the offered service for free!

Coupons are usually created for discounts like 25%, 50%, 75%, and any other percentage less than 100. Is it possible to provide the users with a coupon for a 100% discount so they can access the content for free?

The answer to your question is yes, you can create a 100% coupon for both SVOD and TVOD, however, we recommend only this for TVOD transactions since SVOD subscriptions are renewable and users will be charged once the validity period expires. This your viewers may see as bait!!

If you want to sell your content within an organization, such as if you have educational content that you want to sell to a school without charging students. This can be accomplished using 100% coupons.

All you need to do is create a coupon with a coupon limit. We can prevent coupons from being misused by setting a coupon limit. When there are 50 students in a class, you can set the coupon limit at 50 to limit the number of coupons that can be used. It is possible to track the users who used the 100% coupon on the SVOD and TVOD reports and then collect the amounts from the management.

Follow the steps below for creating a 100% coupon:

1. Follow the steps for creating a coupon. You can create an SVOD/TVOD coupon by selecting the relevant plan type and the plans you wish to apply the coupon to.

2. Under the type select Percentage.

3. Under percentage discount enter 100 so that the coupon is free of cost.

4. Check the Coupon limit article and set up the limit for the coupon as per your requirement.

5. Select submit to save the coupon.

6. After the user enters the 100% coupon code, the card details section will disappear, allowing the user to proceed without making a payment.

7. Upon payment completion, the user can access the content until the validity expires.

8. You can track the number of coupons applied under the coupons section.

9. Users will be charged once the current subscription validity expires if their SVOD subscription is auto-renewed. While sharing the coupon code, we need to mention this in the terms and conditions.

How to keep track of coupon codes applied by the users under Analytics:

1. Under the Left menu, Go to Analytics -> TVOD/SVOD Summary

2. On the right-hand side, you can enter the duration, Search by → By User and select the Filter button.

3. Now, you will get the complete user details with the coupon code which the users used on the selected duration under Coupon.

4. For example, in the above screenshot, FLAT 50, MIN 25, MAX 75 are the coupon codes applied by the users.

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