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What is meant by coupon limit?
What is meant by coupon limit?
Written by Selva Mani
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When you're trying to grow your app's user base, you need to offer coupons during festivals or to canceled users. You can, for instance, offer a 75% discount coupon to users who have recently canceled their SVOD subscriptions. Likewise, you can offer coupons to the first 100 people who subscribe to your new plans.

In the above scenarios, you can limit not only the number of users but also the number of coupons used per user. Setting coupon limits helps you in the following scenarios.

a) Prevent users from using the same coupon repeatedly.

b) Coupon expiry: By setting a limit on each coupon, you won't have to keep track of the expiration date every time. You can set a limit to how many people can use the coupon. When the coupon limit is exceeded, the coupon is no longer valid even before the expiration date.

The article explains how you can limit coupons in detail.

While creating a coupon:

1. Follow the same steps for creating a coupon. Click here to learn more about creating a coupon.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can find the Maximum usage per user(marked as 1 in the above screenshot).

3. This option allows you to limit the number of times a coupon can be used by the same user. As an example, I set this value as 1, and the coupon can be used only once, not multiple times.

4. You may also set this number as you wish.

5. Below this you will find another option named Maximum usage per coupon(marked as 2 in the above screenshot).

6. Using this option, you can limit the overall usage of the coupon. As an example, I set this value as 100, and the coupon can be used only by 100 users.

7. When a user tries to apply the coupon after the limit has been reached, he will see the message "Coupon limit expired".

8. The message above will appear if the coupon is valid but the maximum limit has been reached.

9. Once the coupon is created, you can only edit the "status" i.e. you can make the coupon Active or Inactive on the Ventuno Platform.

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