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Steps for creating Stripe and PayPal coupon
Steps for creating Stripe and PayPal coupon
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

Steps for creating a stripe coupon:

  1. In the Stripe Dashboard, open the Products page.

  2. Click Coupons.

  3. Click +New.

  4. In the Create a coupon dialog, enter the coupon’s parameters.

  5. Click "Create coupon"

  6. Enter the details and create a new coupon.

Attached screenshot of a coupon we created for your reference. Please check.

Steps for Creating a PayPal Coupon:

  • Log in to your Braintree account.

  • Click on the subscription menu

  • Select the Add Ons/Discount tab

  • Click on the New discount button at bottom of the page

  • Create a new coupon by filling in the details.

Creating coupons on the Ventuno Platform:

Once the coupon is created on the Payment gateways, create coupons on the Ventuno platform using the coupon ID by following the steps here.

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