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Data Migration to Ventuno
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If you want to migrate from your existing vendor to the Ventuno platform, we can help you to migrate your existing/new users, content, and monetization data to our platform.

In this document, we will look at the steps and details involved for migration as follow,

  • Content Migration

  • User Migration

  • Monetization

    • Plans & Coupons

    • Payment gateway specific details

  • App Store Requirements

  • Post Migration testing

  • Going live

Content Migration:

To migrate your content, we would require the existing content details in MRSS format or you can upload the content through our platform.

Mandatory meta data details if sharing your content in MRSS format,

  • Video Name

  • Video Description

  • Video Keywords

  • Duration

  • Poster

  • Video Playback URL (HLS / MP4)

  • Subscription Type* (Free/ Transaction/ Subscription)

  • Published Date

User Migration:

To migrate your users, we would require you to add your Payment Gateway accounts details to the Ventuno platform. In addition,

  • User data with Registration details

  • User data with Subscription details

  • User data with Transaction details

  • Also share the Continue Watching, Wishlist, User Activities, Settings preferences

Export your user list with their Stripe subscription IDs, and Apple tokens. Make sure the following columns are present in your spreadsheet for us to import:

- Full Name*

- Email*

- Stripe ID

- Subscription ID*

- Receipt tokens for Apple users*

- Recurring Date

Points to be noted:

  • Existing users can’t access their previously downloaded content after migration

  • If the Continue Watching, Wishlist, User Activities, Settings preferences are not shared with us for each user, the existing users can’t retrieve the details in the app after migration.

Before starting the migration process, we will completely test the developed website, mobile applications, and connected TV apps. This testing phase will also include new users Registration, Subscription, Transaction, and Recurring.

Once the QA phase has been completed successfully, we will start the data migration upto date based on the data you’re sharing with us.

Again the QA process will occur to ensure that the migrated user details are working fine or not. After the successful completion, we will let you know so you can also test the same at your end.

Plans & Coupons:

Please share the existing plan and the coupon details mapped to each user along with the payment gateway reference id details.

Payment Gateway:

We would require the below details from the payment gateways. If you have additional payment gateways other than the below payment gateways, please let us know the same.

Stripe Payment - Subscription ID from Payment gateway

Apple Payment - Original Transaction ID from existing vendor

Paypal & Braintree - Payment Method Token ID, Client ID

Amazon Pay (Fire TV) - Subscription ID/Transaction ID

Google Play (Android) - Subscription ID /Transaction ID

Apple pay (Roku Tv) - Subscription ID /Transaction ID

Certification Requirement:

We would require certificates for Android APP, Android TV, iOS app & Apple TV.

If you are not able to provide the certificate details, we need to reset the existing certificate and proceed further for the update once you approve on the respective app stores.

Since there is no way to reset the certificates for Roku and Fire TV, we would require the certificates for Roku and FireTv.

After Migration:

Once the migration process is completed and the apps are submitted to app stores, all the users have to update their app.

After the successful update, the user should login to the app with the updated password at least once.

Procedure to stop the new users to existing vendor:

After migration and testing have been completed successfully, we can stop the recurring billing process from your existing vendor. Then the recurring billing process will occur from the Ventuno platform.

We will not stop the new registration from your existing vendor immediately after migration.

We need to take atleast 24 hours of time after migration, before we stop the new registration from your existing vendor.

During this time, when new registration occurs, we can migrate those users to Ventuno by once or twice a day through a migration script.

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