Integration of payment gateway is the major part of the monetization process. On our Ventuno platform, we have integrated the following payment gateways:

1. Stripe.

2. Razor-pay

3. PayPal


5. Apple In-app purchases.

6. ICICI payment gateway.

We can implement your preferred payment gateway as well. Let us know your payment gateway, we will check the feasibility and let you know the time and effort required for the implementation.

Integrating payment gateway on Platform:

Before integrating the payment gateway, You need to create your account on the respected payment gateways. In case you want to create a stripe account, You need to create your account on stripe to get some keys to activate the gateway on the Ventuno platform.

Follow the steps to integrate your payment gateway on Ventuno:

1. From the left menu select > Monetization.

2. You will be taken to the manage payment gateway page. On this page, Select > Create.

3. Under the payment vendor select the payment gateway of your choice from the drop-down menu.

4. We have selected stripe for example.

5. Enter the public key and secret key from the stripe account.

6. Select the currency of your choice and we have selected USD here.

7. Select the status Active and click Submit to integrate the stripe payment gateway.

8. You can find the created payment gateway under Monetization and you can edit the details.

9. After integration, you can select the same while creating an SVOD or TVOD plan.

10. To do so, you need to create the plan on the respected payment gateway and enter the product ID of the plan created to make the payment flow work seamlessly.

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