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PPV or TVoD, are defined as time-limited access to video content that requires a usage-based one-time payment.

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What is TVOD?

TVOD Is Transactional Video on Demand. 'Transactional' comes before 'video on demand', since this business model involves making people pay a one-time price for a certain number of views, whether that be one view, a specific period of time to see, or infinite views, "

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In this section, we are going to look at how you can monetize your videos with TVOD or Transaction video on demand. We will first create a new TVOD plan and then assign videos and shows to it.

Steps to create a TVOD plan:

  • From the Monetization section of the left menu, Select Manage Monetization > TVOD.

  • Click + to add a new TVOD plan.

  • Enter the name of the plan and click Add new.

  • A new TVOD plan will be created. Click ‘Target’ to add details to the plan.

Add pricing details of a plan

To delete a plan

  • Click ‘+’ and enter the Price and Discount of the plan. Discount is the amount of discount you want to give to subscribers.

  • Choose the Currency and Duration of the plan on the same screen. We support multiple currencies. Reach out to us if you don’t see your currency here.

  • If you have viewers in different countries, you can create different plans in different currencies. For example, you can create 3 plans - one for the US in USD, one for Canada in CAD, and one for the rest of the world in USD. You can choose the countries in which the plan is applicable under Country.

  • If you want to offer a trial period to users, add the period under Trial Period in Days

  • Select the Payment Gateway you want to use from the dropdown.

⚠️ Note: You need to integrate your payment gateways before this step.

After creating a TVOD plan, you need to assign shows and videos to it

  • To assign a show to the plan, choose the list of shows from the drop list in select approved shows.

  • If you select a show, all the videos under that show will be assigned to the plan created. If you want only selective videos under the plan, you can select the show, and then under the row select approved videos, you can select the videos of your choice.

  • If you want to assign videos of a particular language to the plan, choose the languages under select approved languages.

  • Finally, select Add New to create your TVOD plan.

Mapping all Videos/Shows to the Plans:

If you want to map all the videos and shows, we have enabled an option to select all the shows or Videos while creating and Editing a Plan.

Go to Monetization → Manage Monetization → TVOD → Manage TVOD plan → Select “Target” under the required plan → Select “Edit” → scroll down and use the All shows/Videos option under the Allowed shows/videos section.

You can use this option to enable access to all the shows and videos as required.

Note: After clicking "Select All," you can unselect the shows/videos you want to remove from the list of selected shows/videos.

What’s next?

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