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Mapping TVOD plans based on duration
Mapping TVOD plans based on duration
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

If you have more videos to map to a single plan, say 250 short films for 10$ per week rental, then you can map them to a TVOD plan based on duration rather than searching and mapping each video individually.

Ensure that the videos you chose have TVOD or SVOD+TVOD monetization set.

Follow the steps below for mapping TVOD plans based on content duration:

1. Under the left menu, Select Manage Monetization → TVOD → Manage TVOD plans.

2. Select the plus button to add your new plan.

3. Enter the plan name and select the Add new button.

4. Add all the details for creating a new TVOD plan.

5. Select “Yes” under “Is video duration based plan”.

6. You will see two rows with duration after selecting yes.

7. Enter the from and to durations of the videos you need to map to the plan you are creating.

8. For Example, I have mapped 5 mins to 30 mins videos in the below screenshot. You can select any duration according to your requirement and the videos will be automatically mapped to the individual plan.

9. Finally, Select, Add new to create the TVOD plan.

10. Please make sure the videos you have mentioned in the time limit have the Monetization type set as TVOD/SVOD+TVOD so that the plans work seamlessly.

11. Under the video library section, Select the duration of the videos you have mapped to the TVOD plan using the right filter as shown in the below screenshot and make sure the monetization is set as per the above point.

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