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Creating TVOD Bundles
Creating TVOD Bundles
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Entertainment and discounts/reduced pricing are two things that your viewers are always looking for. When you bundle them up - they would simply love it.

What are TVOD bundles?

TVOD is selling content on a pay-per-view basis. TVOD bundling is grouping related content together into an attractive market offering.

How can you benefit from TVOD bundling?

Say you are renting a movie for $1 and your users buy an average of 4 movies per month. They spend $4 and enjoy 4 of your movies. Now bundle 5 movies for $4.5.
Now they get to watch a movie for $0.9 and you are earning the extra $0.5 - which they would have not spent otherwise.
Moreover, they are spending extra time with your content. This is a great opportunity to steal the time spent with your competitor.

Now let's get into action

How to set up TVOD Bundles

  • From the Monetization section of the left menu, select TVOD and Manage TVOD Plan

  • If you are creating a new plan Click on the plus button and define the plan,


  • To modify an existing plan, click on the Target button below the plan name

  • Click on the Edit button under the respective plan

  • Head to the TVOD Distribution Type section

    • Selecting Individual implies that only one item will be added to the plan

    • Selecting Bundle implies that multiple items will be grouped into the plan

  • To add videos to your bundle, select Bundles and scroll down to Allowed Videos. Here you can select the videos that are available on your TVOD Bundle.

  • Please make sure that the video subscription for the selected videos is marked as TVOD under the Video Library.

  • Hit the Save button to apply the choices.

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