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Shows are the collection of videos of the same genre, series, or Episodes of the respective show.

For example, you can create a show called 'game of Thrones' and upload all the individual episodes of Game of Thrones under it

On your website and apps, users will see a list of shows under the Channel/Category you have created. They can select the show to see a list of videos under the show.

From the Content Section of the left menu, select Organize > Manage shows > Create New Show.

After selecting Create New Show, please enter the details in the below fields,

i) Show name

ii) Show description

iii) Map the show to the respective category.

iv) Upload the image of the show based on the poster size mentioned on the platform.

You can map the created show to the below types of subscriptions,

i) SVOD - Subscription video on demand

SVOD is a package, allowing users to consume as much content as they desire at a flat rate per month/year.

ii) TVOD - Transactional video on demand

TVOD is the opposite of subscription video, where consumers purchase content on a pay-per-view basis.

iii) AVOD - Advertising-based video on demand

Unlike SVOD and TVOD services, AVOD is free to consumers. However, much like broadcast television, consumers need to sit/skip through advertisements.

Premium content owners rarely use AVOD as it generates lower amounts of revenue than SVOD and TVOD.

ii) Registered - While selecting the Registered options, all the registered users can watch the show.

v) SVOD + TVOD - It is a combination of Subscription video on demand and Transactional video-on-demand options.

vi) AVOD - SD + SVOD - HD - It is a combinational subscription of both subscribed and non-subscribed users.

If this subscription is mapped to the show,

The user can access only the SD content(Low and medium bitrates) with the ads if the user is not subscribed.

The user can access only the HD content and no ads will be displayed, if the user is subscribed.

Geotargeting is used to target the shows/videos to the location in which you want the created show to be active. The created show will not be available for all the unselected locations. You can achieve this using “Geo-Targeting”.

Select Save to save the show with the details you’ve mentioned.

How to Edit the existing show?

  • Select the Edit show button to edit the existing shows.

  • Select the Save button once the changes are done.

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