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How can I use analytics to understand my viewers better?
How can I use analytics to understand my viewers better?

A summary of reports that help to understand user behavior

Written by Selva Mani
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Acquiring and embracing viewers is the route to success in the VOD world. As a Content producer, you are already in possession of a treasure chest of data about your viewers. Integrating this data with your player makes it a meaningful insight. Actionable Insights drive efficiency, engagement, and thereby growth.

Ventuno’s Analytics helps you understand at a granular level how what, and where your audience consumes your video. Having a better grasp of how your viewers interact with your videos enables better decision-making.

Unified View will help you identify what kind of videos you need, to retain the captured eyeballs. This report clearly indicates what content your viewers are enjoying and what they are passing over.

Views represent clicks or opening the video, Watch Time tells you how long viewers spend watching it.

This data can be sliced at multiple levels like geo, date range, device type (endpoint), and even at a Video level.

You can also drill down each of these metrics to understand them more in detail.

SVOD Summary

SVOD Summary helps you track your viewer’s journey with you. It gives you all the information about your Subscribers. Such as whether they are in their trial period - when it ends; if subscribed - what plan have they subscribed, for how long they have been subscribed, from which device they subscribed to you, from which location they have subscribed; if canceled - from which device, location, and when they canceled your subscription.

This report also helps you understand how many trial users become your subscribers. Which video converted them to a subscriber and what device they were using during the conversion, etc. It also helps you understand increases in subscriptions when new exclusive content is uploaded.

Plan Upgraded User Report

This report gives you information about users who like your content. It has information about users who have upgraded from one plan to another

Data points like Previous Plan, Current Plan, and Payment Type can be sliced at multiple levels like Date, User, Geo, and endpoints. This report enables you to understand when a customer is upgrading to a higher or annual plan. Understanding what drives your subscribers, lets you know what content you need more.

AVOD Summary

Helps you identify which advertisement is fetching you money. It lets you know how many times an ad has been viewed and how much income is generated. This data can also be viewed with various filters like date, device, or category level.

TVOD Summary

This report gives you information about all the Pay-per-View transactions. You can filter and analyze the data based on viewers, videos, shows, end-points, geo, or even the payment gateway.

This piece of information is valuable as it helps you formulate recommendations based on the user’s preference and suggestions based on viewing patterns.

OTT User Reports

This report gives you a clear understanding of how much time your viewers spend watching your videos and which device they prefer to do it. The best part about it is it lets you identify this pattern for both subscribed and trial viewers. This data helps you identify the factor that converts a trial user to a subscriber, or the areas you need to focus on to improve the conversion rates.

Videowise Summary

This report lets you understand how each of your videos is performing. Not everyone who opens a video watches it completely. Some videos get watched completely and some are simply skipped at the very beginning. This report gives you an overview of how many users opened a video, and how many watched the first 25%, how many continued until half the video, and finally those who watched till the end. This valuable information suggests where the content needs to be improved and what factors captivate your audience.

Encoding Summary

This report lets you understand how your videos are encoded. You can have a clear understanding of the video sizes. This data can be sliced based on date ranges

Content Partner Report

If you have multiple content providers contributing to your video library you will have to understand what value each of them adds to you. This report will help you analyze the performance of each of your content partners. You can also use this report to calculate their payouts based on performance.

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