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Social distribution of videos from the Ventuno platform
Social distribution of videos from the Ventuno platform
Written by Selva Mani
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Why should you distribute your videos on social media?

In a highly congested OTT space, brands are battling to grab the viewer's attention. The best way to do this is to take your content to where they spend most of their time -- social media.

This is one of the best strategies to increase installs and open frequency.

However, keep a watch on what type of content you post on your social handles. Posting content monetized by AVOD is recommended, at the same time sharing TVOD or SVOD content could do more harm than benefit.

If your business model is TVOD or SVOD, you could still leverage it by sharing trailers and promos on social handles.

Now let's understand how to share your videos on your social handles.

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First things first, Integrate your social profiles with your Ventuno Account

  • From the Marketing section of the left menu, select Linked Accounts

  • Click on the Add Accounts button

  • Click on the logo of the social profile you would like to link with and perform the authentication steps by logging into your profile.

You can see your profile names and the respective icons once they are linked

Getting to the social distribution

  • While uploading the video you will be asked to fill in the video details. (To improve your SERP ranking More on it here)

  • Head to the Social Distribution section. Click on the Plus icon to the right of the required social handle. - You can select your linked accounts here and you can continue with the normal uploading process.

  • Once the upload and the encoding process are completed, The video will be available on your Video Library and also posted on the selected social channels.

The grey icon indicates that the uploading is not yet complete on the Social platforms.

The icons turn from grayscale to color -- once the upload to the social handle is complete.

What if you want to share an already uploaded video?

  • Simple. Just hit the Add social button to the right of the video on your video library.

  • Now click on the icons of social channels you would like to share your video to.

  • Please make sure that you have linked your social accounts to the Ventuno platform, else you can add them from

  • Voila, the video upload to social handle is in progress.

You can similarly track the status of upload by hovering your cursor over the icons.

Here is how a video will get uploaded on Youtube. If needed, you can edit the video details on your Youtube channel.

This is how a video gets shared on your Twitter account.

Ventuno player will start playing the video once the followers click the link on Twitter.

Get started. Increase your social following and acquire more users to your service.

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