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Trailers help in promoting your upcoming movies and videos. You can add a trailer before the movie is released and let users know about the release date.

This will help you promote the movie and attract a larger audience.

There are two steps involved in adding a movie trailer:

1. Uploading the trailer

2. Linking the trailer to the movie.

Steps for uploading the trailer:

Uploading trailers is just as easy as uploading a regular video!

๐Ÿ’ก Pro Tip:

You can create a show called "Trailers" to keep all your trailers organized in one place.

You can also create a playlist and map all the trailer videos to that playlist. You can then showcase that playlist on the Website's Homepage and mobile apps within a horizontal row as shown below.

After uploading the trailer, you can link it to the movie when you upload the movie.

Follow the usual steps for uploading the video. The only difference is you will need to click Trailer video > Yes. This row is under the movie details section (at the very end of the upload screen)


After selecting yes, the video will be considered as a trailer and can be linked to a movie.

Steps for linking the trailer to a movie:

This can be done in two places:

  • While uploading the movie

  • After uploading the movie

While uploading the movie:

  • Upload the movie video as you usually do.

  • In the Movie Details section, select Yes under the Is Movie row to indicate that the uploaded video is a movie.

  • Under the Trailer video row, select No to indicate that the uploaded video is not a trailer.

  • Find the list of all trailers under the Trailer List section and select the trailer that corresponds to the uploaded movie.

  • Click Save Changes to link the trailer with the movie.

  • Based on your selected template, the trailer will now be displayed on the website and apps.

After uploading the movie:

You can even link the trailer to the movie after the movie is uploaded. Follow these steps to link the trailer to the movie that has already been uploaded:

  • From the Content section of the left menu, select Organize > Video/Audio Library.

  • Select Manage video next to the video you want to edit.

  • On the Manage video page, scroll down to the bottom where you can find the Trailer video option. If you have selected No already, you can find a drop-down box with the list of uploaded trailer movies.

  • โ€‹Select the trailer you want to link from the drop-down list and select Save Changes to complete the trailer linking process.

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