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How to add a Continue Watching widget to the website and apps
How to add a Continue Watching widget to the website and apps
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What is Continue watching?

The continue watching feature in video streaming platforms allows users to resume watching content from where they left off. This feature is designed to make it easier for users to pick up where they dropped off, without having to search for the video or remembering at which point of the video they dropped.

Typically, the continue watching bar is placed above the other content so that the viewer is reminded of what they left before they check other content.

The continue watching feature is often used by users who are watching a TV series or a movie in multiple sittings, or who may have been interrupted during a viewing session. By providing an easy way to resume watching, the feature can help increase user engagement and satisfaction with the OTT platform.

How to add a continue watching section to your website/apps?

  • From the Endpoints section of the left menu, select Responsive Website and then Website

  • Navigate to the Pages Tab

  • Expand the Home section (this will allow you to customize your home page

  • Now click on Add Section button

You will see the Add see the Create Section dialog box

  • Select Continous Watch as Section Type

  • Type in a Title for this section eg: Continue Watching

  • Click on the Save button

Typically, the continue watching section is placed above all other content, here is how you can reorder the section.

  • Hit the Save button once you have added the section and re-ordered it

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