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How to know what content a user has watched?
How to know what content a user has watched?

Knowing user's watch history

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A user's viewing history can be useful for a variety of reasons, such as promoting relevant offers, knowing whether their current plan includes certain content, and more.

Here is how to analyze a user's viewing history.

  • From the Analytics section of the left menu, select User > OTT User Reports

  • From the filter options on the right, select

    • List Type -> User (to view information in user level)

    • Email id -> Fill in the user's registered user id

    • Date Filters -> Additionally, you can also filter data only for a select timeframe

You can see the overall summary of the user, such as the number of views, total minutes watched, and also granular details like

  • The location of the user

  • The device used to watch a content

  • The number of times a video was viewed on the same device by the user

  • Minutes spent watching the content

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