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Our Ventuno platform has vast analytics reports for each category.

In this article, we are going to see the Bandwidth summary, Encoding summary, and OTT User reports.

Bandwidth summary:

1. Select Analytics > Bandwidth summary to enter the bandwidth details page.

2. Under this, you can find the Total storage used, Storage used for the selected time period, and the Encoding bandwidth data.

3. Below the table, you can find a detailed list of the amount of encoding done for each day.

4. You can also filter the bandwidth data by Last month or by a custom date if required.

5. The best thing about our Analytics is that you can use the Download as Excel option to export the reports to the local storage for convenient sharing as well as checking.

Encoding Report:

1. Select Analytics > Encoding summary to go to the Encoding Report page.

2. This page provides detailed information for the number of Videos uploaded, Video duration(minutes), Encoded Videos, and Total conversion video size(MB).

3. You can filter the data for the required dates.

4. You can also use the Download as Excel option as mentioned in the above section.


OTT user report is one of the most important sections of Analytics which is used to check the usage of the various categories of user minutes watched. This will help you to look into various affiliate partners’ minutes watched and also help in providing them the share you agreed to each other for content providing.

1. Under Analytics Select User > OTT User Report to go to the user report page.

2. You can find a table containing details of the Affiliate Partner, Endpoint, Video views, Minutes watched.

3. On the right side of the report page, you can find some useful filters.

4. You can view the List by user or video.

5. You can select your desired Endpoint (Android, iOS, Website, Connected TVs) to get the details only for the endpoint required.

6. You can filter by Affiliate Partner or even select dates to filter reports for a particular time if required.

7. Finally, as mentioned one of our best features in Analytics, you can download the reports if required using the download as Excel option.

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