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Build your mobile and CTV apps
Build your mobile and CTV apps
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As a streaming service owner, your brand is your identity, and consistency is key. Imagine extending your unique style seamlessly from your website to mobile devices and smart TVs.

With Ventuno, you have the power to match your streaming service's style and keep your brand shining bright across all platforms.

What should your mobile app include?

User-Friendly Interface

Easy navigation for users to explore content. Showcase content with clear groupings as grid and horizontal listings

Search Feature

Allow users to search for specific shows or movies.

The header will always have a search option. Here is how you can customize your header

Personalized Recommendations

Offer content suggestions based on user preferences. Make sure you enable related content on the Movie, Video and Show detail pages


Keep users informed about new releases or updates with push and email notifications

Social Sharing

Allow users to share their favorite content on social media. This is the best way to take your content to users who might be interested in them.

What should your CTV apps include?

User-Friendly Interface

Make it easy for users to navigate and find content.


Offer personalized recommendations based on user preferences.

User Experience

Allow users to watch trailers before they watch actual content. Have information on cast and crew and have accurate subtitles for your content.

Widgets that will help customizing your apps

Adding these widgets are straigt forward. Just add these sections in the pages that you have created under each endpoint

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