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Pages- Grid listing
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A grid listing is a widget that allows you to display videos, shows, and listings in a horizontal and vertical array.

A grid listing is ideal for displaying multiple rows of similar content. A horizontal listing can be used to display single row of related content

  • From the Endpoints section of the left menu, Select Responsive website β†’ Website(beta).

  • Head to the Pages tab
    You will be taken to the website customization page.

  • Select Add page on the right of the screen. (skip this step if you want to add this section to an existing page) and hit the Save button.

  • Under the newly created page (/ existing page), Select Add section.

  • From the drop-down select the Grid Listing option

  • Customize your grid listing by selecting details and filling in necessary fields

  • Hit the Save button

  • You can link the created grid listing page to the header menu as well.

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