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Running a live stream on your homepage can have several advantages for your streaming service:

  1. Engagement: Live streams immediately capture viewer attention, increasing user engagement and interaction with your platform.

  2. Real-time Updates: It provides a way to convey real-time information, such as breaking news, live events, or special announcements directly to your audience.

  3. Promotion: You can promote featured content, new releases, or exclusive shows to your homepage audience during the live stream.

  4. Viewership: Live streams can attract viewers, promoting your streaming service's offerings and increasing overall viewership.

  5. Community Building: Live chat and interactive features enable direct communication between viewers, fostering a sense of community among your users.

  6. Monetization: You can integrate ads or promotions within the live stream, generating revenue for your service.

  7. Differentiation: Featuring live content on your homepage can set your streaming service apart from others, offering a unique and dynamic user experience.

Creating a Detail Widget:

  • From the left menu, Select Responsive website β†’ Website(beta).
    You will be taken to the website customization page.

  • Expand Home Paage and click on Add section option

⚠️ Note: Detail Widget is only available on Home Page

  • Select Detail Widget, and select the live video to be featured.

πŸ’‘ Ventuno recommends this widget to be placed on top to increase engagement

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