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Creating FAST Channels
Creating FAST Channels

Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) is an easy way to reach a broader video audience.

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Old enough to remember the linear TV days? The broadcast was free, and you paid for cable. FAST services are kind of similar to broadcast, but you don’t have to pay for the cable to get them—instead, you need an internet connection.

FAST channels can be created from existing on-demand content catalogs, usually reorganized as content playlists or programming grids. FAST channels are often thematic and cover niche topics.

The adoption of FAST services is on the rise, and it's happening really fast!

The reason behind this quick adoption is - It is free. Cable TV is estimated to cost U.S. viewers an average of $2,609 a year. Streaming service (Netflix, Prime, and others) costs depend on how many services you have subscribed to. FAST services cost nothing above what you already pay for internet.

How to create a FAST channel?

  1. You need content that can be streamed 24x7. The content can be part of your VOD catalog.

  2. Convert your VOD content into a live stream (HLS stream)

  3. Create a programming guide (EPG) - this will let the audience know when to tune in to watch a particular content

  4. Now distribute this on your own site or app, you can also additionally distribute it on other 3rd party platforms

Here is an example of how you can create your own FAST channels with Ventuno

  1. We created 3 channels, (You can create any number of channels)
    1. Home Cooking (Niche: Cooking)
    2. Art All the Way (Niche: Arts and Crafts)
    3. Yoga and You (Niche: Yoga)

  2. Now each has its own EPG

  3. These live streams can not only be relayed on this website and associated apps, but can also be distributed to 3rd party platforms to maximize viewership

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