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Creating a streaming app for android smartphones
Creating a streaming app for android smartphones

Creating an Android streaming app puts your content right in front of your audience!

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Viewers prefer to watch video everywhere, on whatever device they have with them -- a smartphone, tablet, or any other device.

A mobile app for your OTT service has become essential because so many people watch videos on devices other than TVs.

Creating a streaming app for android smartphones

  • From the Endpoints section of the left menu, sect Mobile Apps > Android

Theme Selection

What is a theme?

A theme is a set of visual attributes that are applied to your entire app - every screen of it. Your app is styled by the theme you select.

  • Select a theme of your choice. You can click on the Preview button to know how it looks

ℹ️ You can customize the color settings in the Basic Information section

Basic Information

  • Android App Details: Fill in naming information of your app

    • App name: Type in a display name for your app.

    • App Package Name: Type in a unique identifier name for your app in the android play store

  • Color Customization: Customize the colors of the selected theme here

  • Asset: Assets are images that are used on your app, such as logos, icons, etc.

    Having the below assets handy will help you style your app better


Recommended Size

Recommended Format

App Header Logo

The logo that appears on the header section of your app

Allowed: any width x 192 px

Recommended 680 x 192

.jpg, .png, .svg

Square Logo

Typically used in authentication pages

Allowed: any width x 384px

Recommended 384x 384

.jpg, .png, .svg

Notification App Icon

The icon that appears when a notification is sent from your app to viewers

any size


Launcher App Icon

The icon that represents your app on user's home screen

Allowed 192x192 px

.jpg, .png, .svg

Splash Image

The image that displays when your app loads

Required size: 1080 x 1920px

Required Ratio: 9:16)

.jpg, .png, .svg


In this tab, you have to select the content (shows and playlist that needs to be added to your app

Adding Shows

Adding Playlists

You will notice that all the shows have moved to the right (selected) pane.

  • To unselect or remove a show/playlist, click on the single arrow on the right pane

  • Clicking on the double arrow on the right pane will remove (unselect) all the shows.

Add all shows/playlists

Add selected (highlighted) show/playlist

Remove selected show/playlist

Remove all shows/playlist


The next step of creating your app is designing individual pages of the app.

Creating pages of your android app is similar to designing the pages of your website.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar houses all the navigation options for your app. Designing this efficiently will enhance the user experience.

It is classified as General, Advanced, and Menu. Make sure you choose the right pages.

  • General: The General section is about enabling/disabling Home, Profile, and Logout options. These are three typical places that every user frequently navigates. We recommend you enable the options.

  • Advanced: The Advanced section has a list of other pages which you can enable or disable based on your preference. This includes pages like Plans (you can display your existing plans there - for the audience to purchase), Watchlist, and other static pages.

  • Menu: The Menu section is a fully customizable section. You can type in a name and link to any relevant created page. This will be added to your navigation bar.


This tab is all about enhancing the user experience. You can select the appearance of your widgets and fine-tune your UI. You can also work on Integrations here.


Finally, you have designed the app. Now let's build your android app. Simply click on the Build app button and your app is built.

Once your app is built, it needs to be submitted to playstore for review. Here is how to submit your app to playstore.

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