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How to build a Samsung TV streaming app?
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Building a Samsung TV app is a strategic investment that enhances your streaming service’s accessibility, user experience, and business potential.

It not only caters to the preferences of a significant segment of the market but also leverages the advantages of smart TV technology to drive engagement and growth.

Additionally, it provides competitive advantages and new monetization opportunities, ensuring your service stays relevant and appealing in a growing market.

Selecting a Theme

  • From the Apps section of the left menu, select Connected TV Apps and then select Samsung TV.

  • You will see themes, you can preview a theme by clicking on the Preview button below the theme

  • Also, toggle the light and dark options in the Choose Theme Type on the top to see how it looks before selecting one.

  • Finally, click on the Save button

Filling in Basic Info

  • Now Move on to the next tab Basic Info

  • Here fill in details like your App name, Package name, and a description for your app

  • Select your brand colors

  • Then click on the Save button

Approving Content

Now you can approve what shows and playlists you want to make available in your Android TV app. This ensures you have full control over what content is available in which app.

Simply push allowed Shows and playlists to the right side and click Save

Designing Your Pages

Now we have come to the most interesting part of building your app - Designing each page

There are some default pages with certain prebuilt options - they are

  1. Home Page

  2. Show Detail Page

  3. Video Detail Page

  4. Movie Detail Page

  5. Live Page

Also, you can create any number of pages and widgets to them to suit your needs.
Customizing these pages is similar to customizing them on your website or other apps.

Customizing the Header

Your TV app's header is very important because it will appear on all pages and assist in navigation.

Here are the header options that can be customized

  • Select the layout for the header

  • Select the icons for each page

  • Toggle elements ON if you want them to be included in your header and OFF if you do not want them in your header

  • You can also add custom pages to your header (and select icons from the icons below them)

  • Finally, Save the page

App Settings

On this page, you will have to make generic app settings like whether you want the splash screen to be enabled, or the splash video to be looped.

If you would like your Auth page (login page) to have an image and other generic settings

Build SamsungTV App

This is the final step. You will have to click build to get your Samsung TV app built.

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