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How to add social media links to the footer?
How to add social media links to the footer?
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Social media platforms contribute to increasing the popularity and recognition of your VOD business. It raises brand awareness, which has numerous advantages.

  • Boost your SEO ranking

  • Gain favorable word-of-mouth publicity

  • Helps in building a stronger relationship with viewers

Displaying social media links on the footer encourages your viewers to follow you on social media.

They can stay updated about your exclusive content, new releases, and upcoming content.

Social media marketing is a lot more manageable with Ventuno's social media integration.

Adding social media links to footer

  • From the Endpoints section of the left menu, select Responsive Website > Website

  • Navigate to the Footer tab

  • Scroll down to the Social Links section and enable the platforms and add respective URLs

  • Finally, hit the Save button

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: Get started with managing your social platforms with Ventuno to make sure you don't miss out on posting promos and trailers as and when they are up on your apps/website.

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