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Stay in touch with your audience by sending them emails on content updates and offers

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You can compose emails that need to be sent automatically to your users when certain events occur, such as new users registering, plan subscriptions, renewal reminders, and failed payments.

How to create email triggers

  • From the Marketing section of the left menu, select Manage Email Triggers

  • Click on the Create button on the top right or the Edit button under the respective trigger

Select the Trigger Type

  • You can use the default subject and message or modify them

  • You can personalize the email using Placeholders

Here are some of the placeholders that can be added to your emails



Full Name


Display Name






Plan Name


Plan Start Date


plan end date


Plan duration


Plan currency


Gift card price


Gift card code


Plan Amount


Next charge amount


Next charge date




trial start date


trial end date


  • Action button Text and URL denote the CTA (Call To Action) text and landing page

  • Schedule Interval denotes the email frequency

  • Email Limit denotes the maximum number of emails that will be sent
    For instance, If I select Monthly and 2. The email will be sent twice a month.

  • The emails will be sent only if the Status is Active. The email will not be sent otherwise

Click on the Submit button to trigger the emails on the selected scenarios

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