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Adding seasons and managing them
Written by Selva Mani
Updated over a week ago

When you have a web series with one or more seasons, you can manage them using this option.


  • Create a show under which you want to create the seasons

  • Have a Season Poster ready - as this is a mandatory field - you can use the same poster you used to create the show - if you don't have a season poster

Follow the steps below to manage your seasons in one place.

1. From the Content section of the left menu select Organize and then select Manage seasons.

2. Select Create on the right of the screen.

3. You will be taken to the below page where you can add your season details.

4. Select the show for which you want to add the seasons. Additionally, you can create a new show and then select the same from the drop-down menu. Click here to learn more about creating Shows.

5. Enter the season name and description.

6. Under the season poster, you can select a 16x9 poster of 2560x1440 maximum dimension by clicking the upload button.

7. Select the trailer video from the drop-down list.

8. Enter the season number, set the status as Active, and add the tags to make your series visible as a search result on your website.

9. Select Submit to complete the process.

10. Season added successfully message will be displayed and you can see the created season on the mange seasons page.

11. Under the action tab, You can see two options:

  • Select and

  • Episodes

12. Press the select button and you can see the Edit and Delete options.

  • Edit- this will take you to the season editing page where you can update the details you have added previously.

  • Delete- Selecting this allows you to delete the created season. A warning message will appear and once confirmed, the season will be deleted from the platform.

13. If you select the Episodes button, you will be taken to the Episodes page where all the episodes are listed as in the below screenshot.

14. If you can’t able to see the list of episodes then you need to map the episodes to the season by following the below steps.

15. Seasons can be mapped in two places:

  • While uploading a video

  • Under video library

16. While uploading a Video:

  • After uploading the Video and video poster, you can see the option to select the season as shown in the below screenshot.

  • Once the season is selected, you can enter the episode number as well.

17. Under video library:

  • From the left menu under Organize, select the Video library and Manage video next to the video you want to map the seasons.

  • Scroll down to the page where you can see the season option and select the season from the drop-down list and press Save changes.

  • Once the videos are mapped to the season you can see the list like this under the episodes page.

18. You have two options under Season episodes.

  • You can edit the episode details by selecting the Edit episode option and

  • You can delete the episodes using the Delete episode option.

19. Once the seasons are mapped, they will be listed on the Website and apps.

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