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Setting Up Shows on your Website and Apps
Setting Up Shows on your Website and Apps

The Step-by-Step Guide on Setting Up Shows on your Website and Apps

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Creating a show lets you group and organize your episodes under the show. For example, you may create a show ‘Superstore’ and upload all the Superstore episodes to it.

By doing this, you make it easy for viewers to binge-watch your content.

Now that you are ready to set up shows, let's get started with creating one.

Creating a Show

Assets that will come in handy


Thumbnails are marked as a non-mandatory field, yet we highly recommend you to upload a thumbnail, because your viewers click through the thumbnail to view a show.

However, if you are creating shows only for organizing content, and it will not be available in any of your endpoints – you need not upload one


Allowed Image Formats

Maximum Limit

16:9 (Recommended)

best suited for TV apps







best suited for mobile apps






Show Trailer

Optional - but this is one of the best ways to promote your shows to the audience

Once you have created a trailer video, you can upload it as a trailer in your library.

New show:

1. Select Manage Content and then Manage Shows from the Left Menu
2. Click on the Create New Show button on the right
3. Fill in the mandatory fields

  • Domain: If you have multiple domains mapped to your profile, you can choose the required domain from the dropdown. If you have a single domain – it will be selected by default.

  • Show Name: Type in a name for your show. It can be up to 45 characters in length

  • Show Description: Fill in a description for your show. This field takes in over 60000 characters – that is over 10000 words. However, the best practice is to keep your description between 120 to 160 characters.

💡 Pro tip: The 160 character description can be followed by links to social handles or other related content. Our support team will help in making the added links clickable,

  • Category: You can choose the category for the show from the drop-down. Make sure you choose the right category while creating the show as this field is not editable.

4. Fill in other fields (this makes your show more appealing to your audience)

  • Course: You can check this box if you want the show to be marked as a course (lesson)

🙋 Frequently asked questions

I want my videos to be available throughout the globe, except Australia - how do I do it?

  • Click on the Check All option below the Geo-Targeting section header

  • Uncheck the country (in this case, Australia) where you do not want the video to be available

I want my videos to be available only in Australia - how do I do it?

  • Click on the country (in this case, Australia), you will see that the ALL option will be unchecked, and the selected country will be checked

  • Predefined Tags: Select tags under each category that is most appropriate to your show. These tags act as valuable metadata and will improve your search engine ranking.

    The selected tags apply to all videos added to the show,

    Have a video screen capture – need help to insert here

    For example, you have a show with movie reviews of Hollywood movies, you can select predefined tags like Language - English; Region - US, UK, World; Entertainment - Movie Review; Genre - Hollywood

Finally, click on the Save button to make sure your show is created with the filled-in details.

Adding videos to your Show

Once you have created your show, you can add videos to it from your library

Making the show available on your website/apps

Once the show is created, you will have to make it available for your audience.

Making the show available on your website/other apps

  • From the Apps section of the left menu select the required app

  • Click on the Content Tab

Under the Select Show Section, you will find All Shows and Selected Shows.

  • Move the created show from the All Show section to the Selected Show section for it to be available on your website

Customizing the show page on your website and app

  • From the Apps section of the left menu select the required app

  • Click on the Pages Tab

  • Expand the Show Details default page

  • Choose Layout, and tweak the settings

The process is similar for the other 2 layouts as well

What’s Next?

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