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Adding courses and its lessons

when you are an industry expert - why be one among the many tutors somewhere? Host your own courses with Ventuno

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A masterclass is a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline—usually music, but also science, painting, drama, games, or on any other occasion where skills are being developed.

Masterclass videos, also known as courses, are a set of videos that also contain a set of lessons.

Let’s check out what are the steps involved in creating a masterclass and setting up your online video courses using the Ventuno platform.

Course/Masterclass intro video:

Step 1- Follow the usual steps for uploading videos from the Ventuno platform

Step 2- While entering the meta-data, select the “course details” section, select “Yes” if this video is going to be a course intro video or an instructor intro video.

⚠️ Note: If it’s an instructor intro video, you can map the video to the instructors shown in the drop-down list.

Create and Manage Course:

Step 1- From the Course section of the left menu select Manage Course and map the uploaded course video into it.

Step 2- Fill the course meta details such as

  • Course name

  • Description

  • Category

  • Map the course intro video from the drop down list(i.e; The drop down list will contain only the videos that you mapped while uploading the course video.)

  • Map the respective instructor of the course

  • Content type (The course can be monetized or free of cost for the users).

  • Course status (Active/Inactive)

  • Course poster

Step 3- Select “Submit” and the course will be created

Step 4- You can edit the uploaded course/masterclass videos under “Manage Course”.

Step 5- Follow the below steps to map the lesson video to the created course.

How to Create & Manage lessons?

Step 1- Click on the Course section from the menu.

Step 2- Select the Manage Lesson option

Step 3a- Click on the Create New Lesson button -- to create a course

Step 3b- Click on the Edit button -- to modify lesson details

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