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Thumbnails - best practices

Learn how to craft the perfect thumbnails for your videos, shows and playlists

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A picture is worth a thousand words. But are your thumbnails speaking the right words? This guide will help you understand the secret of creating the perfect thumbnails for your videos, shows, and playlists

πŸ’‘ A good video thumbnail must:

  • Communicate the content of your video effectively.

  • Make the video intriguing enough for the viewer to click and watch.

What are Video Thumbnails?

A video thumbnail is a small clickable image that showcases, represents, and guides users to a video.

The thumbnail of a video must clearly explain what the viewer can expect out of it.

Let's understand how this yoga website has crafted their perfect thumbnail

  • Image Resolution: All the images are of high resolution -- but their size is low. Lower sizes enable the page to load quickly but make sure not to tradeoff on the quality.
    ​At Ventuno, you can upload 4 thumbnails for each of your videos (also playlists, shows and seasons)


Maximum Size









  • Text: The fonts and colors of the text are clear. This makes it easy to read and spot the required content.

  • Background Images: The background images clearly indicate what the viewer can expect from the video

Apart from adding thumbnails to videos, you can also add thumbnails for shows, playlists, and seasons. Creating a custom thumbnail for such video groupings makes it easier for viewers to spot what they are looking for easily.

Also, a carefully crafted thumbnail could help them discover new content.


According to the Google Play Store policies, letterboxing can be used to provide a consistent viewing experience across different device aspect ratios. However, excessive letterboxing may not be allowed if it significantly impacts the user experience or if it doesn't comply with the platform's policies.

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